Lead qualification template

Build a thriving customer base and convert prospects into loyal customers with more effective lead qualification.

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Reach out to your leads personally, at scale. This lead qualification template helps you engage, qualify, and score leads—so you prioritize their needs based on where they are in your funnel.


Give respondents a brief introduction to what your business offers. Use multiple-choice questions and conditional logic to show how your business can meet their needs.

Gather details

If leads score high, the template prompts them to answer open-ended questions. Those who don’t qualify receive an explanation and a possibility to join your mailing list.


Once leads have described what they’re looking for, they are instructed to submit their contact information.


Why use interactive video for lead qualification?

Using interactive video for lead qualification lets you automatically segment your audience. Plus, by showing the face behind the company, you build the trust you need to forge business relationships.

What features work best for a lead qualification form?

How can I optimize my lead qualification template for sales?

Is the drop-off analysis feature free?

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